Judit Szanka, Ungārija

Judit Szanka
I breed since 1976. The name of the kennel was first “Dévaj”, then it has been changed to “Dévaj 1976”.

Since 1979, I breed beauty-performance Magyar Agar and since 1985, I breed racing Whippets.

The Magyar Agar breeding has 35 European- or World race & coursing Champions, 50 European- or World Show Champions and more than 100 Dog show Champion titles.

The Whippet breeding has 6 European- or World race & coursing Champions and one of them won the FCI 100th Anniversary Race.

I have been active as a racing and coursing judge for about thirty years, including European and World Championships.

In 2002, I obtained my license as a FCI Dog Show Judge. I am licensed to judge sighthounds from group X and sighthound-like breeds from group V. I judged at World and European Dog Shows, Euro sighthound and special exhibitions.

When I work as a judge, health, good type, anatomy, movement, and character are important factors.

I actively participate in sighthound races.

My two sons, Péter and Miklós, are both International Race and Coursing Judges. In our kennel, every sighthound belongs to all of us, including the breeding.

We are living with Magyar Agars and Whippets.

Judit Szanka
FCI International Show and Lure Coursing and Racing Judge