Tomasz Kuszyk, Poland

Tomasz Kuszyk

Tomasz Kuszyk
Borzoi kennel «Bilans»
Co-owner Whippet kennel «Synergy»

My adventure with cynology began in 1993, but the dogs have been with me at home since I was a child. Borzois have been integral part of my life for more then 20 years. But it was even earlier when I had decided that one day I would live with a borzoi. As a young boy I saw a photo of one in a book. Now I wouldn’t give him more than “very good” on the ring but at the time I was completely enchanted, I set my mind on this breed and there was no turning back. However, life in the countryside, in a block of flats, in communist Poland, didn’t let my dreams come true for many long years.

About 10 years later I began to visit dog shows in Poland and I had a chance to see a borzoi live for the very first time in my life. Their movement, elegance and, most importantly, their temperament confirmed what I had learnt only from books and had been subconsciously predicting for so long. Borzoi is a dog for me. I didn’t wait long to buy a first one. It was on 1994, but I had to wait 8 years for my first litter.

Since then I’ve had puppies quite regularly. Last litter with number 13 was born on 2013. Together they are 80 borzois born under my kennel name. Some of them was Nationals and International champions. I have at the moment only 2 borzois at home. And unfortunatelly I decide not breeding my beloved breed any more.

Since 2008 Im co-owner of whippets under prefix “Synergy”. Now I can tell my second love after my borzois. They are totally diferent but smaller and I was thinking about one smaller breed at home. After this last years I can tell that it was good decision. I have at the moment 10 Whippets and We bred 13 litters. In the pedigrees for the most part are english lines, the same what I prefer with borzois. Many of them are Champions and International Champions. My last show star winning 3 times Best In Show and 2 times Res. Best In Show, and she is still not three years old. She makes me really proud, and together with other 3 Interchampions at home and this dogs who have never finish this title because of various reasons give me more than 50 CACIB from many european countries. This year I started to show my youngest boy, and I hope that he will also show his class.

I made my debut as a judge in 2008. When judging sighthounds I’m looking for an overall balance and sound, smooth and covering gait. I feel proud that in just a few years I could judge Borzoi Speciality Show in Sweden and Finland, Whippet Show in Sweden and Denmark the whole group 10 at several shows. I have already judged in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark Sweden and Finland. Since 2016 I’m judge for whole group V and Junior Handling Competition. This year I have obtained the permissions for whole group VIII.

Invitation to judge in Riga is very precious and very important for me. This is my first invitation to judging in Latvia. I believe that each breeder who is a judge highly appreciates such opportunities. I would like to express my gratitude to the Committee for inviting me and I’m looking forward to see many truly beautiful dogs and to participate in a very special event along with other dogs friends.

Tomasz Kuszyk