Maria Teresa Fassio Durando, Italy

Maria Teresa Fassio Durando Maria Teresa Fassio Durando
I have been a show judge for Afghans from 1982 and I have breed for 45 years but my first experiences were with poodles, because my mother was breeder for many years.

Now I judge all sighthounds (13 breeds), all podengos, pharaon hound, cirneco dell’Etna, shiba, basenji, akita and all poodles. I am also international judge of lure coursing and racing.

I have been appointed chairwoman of Italian Kennel Club of racing and coursing. I am member of AIALA, CDL and CPLI. Greatest dream is to see beautiful, fast and proud sighthounds.

I judge in many countries in the world, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Luxenbourg, Nederland, Norway, Russia, Slovachia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

My life is not only engagement about dogs, but busy about my husband, two sons and three cute granddaughters.