Миклос Майер, Венгрия

Миклос Майер
When I was born, my mother had been breeding and racing Magyar Agárs for 20 years and I have been breeding together with my mother for a few years.

I also learned to walk by clinging to a Magyar Agár. The Sighthounds have always been part of our family.

When I was young, I was the lure machine operator on the greyhound track and on the lure coursing. I was the youngest lure machine operator in 2012 at the Lure Coursing European Championship.

Later, I became an International Track and Lure Coursing Judge. I judge and pull lures in coursing competitions all over Europe.

In two years, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dévaj 1976 Whippet and Magyar Agár kennel.

Miklós Majer
FCI International Lure Coursing and Racing Judge