Regulations for the «Beauty & Performance» Competition

The "Beauty & Performance" title is awarded once a year as part of an event organized by the Latvian Sighthound and Lure Coursing Club.

The event takes place over two days during one weekend and includes a Specialty show of FCI Group X and selected Group V (Pharaoh Hound, Cirneco Dell’Etna, Ibizan Hound, Podenco Canario and Portuguese Podengo) breeds on Saturday and a National Lure coursing competition (CACL) on Sunday.

Basenjis can compete for the title attending the FCI Group V Specialty Show organized by the National Chow Chow and Primitive Breed Club on Saturday and the National Lure coursing competition (CACL) on Sunday.

Titles are awarded in each breed to the dog and bitch who have participated in both the dog show and the competition and have the highest total number of points. The title winners are awarded on the second day of the event after the Lure coursing competition with a diploma «Beauty & Performance (year)» and a commemorative prize. The breed of the dog, the dog's name, the pedigree number, and the owner are indicated on the diploma.

Points from the dog show Points from the Lure coursing competition
Excellent/CQ 1 CQL 1
Excellent/CQ/5 place 2 5 place 2
Excellent/CQ/4 place 3 4 place 3
Excellent/CQ/3 place 4 3 place 4
Excellent/CQ/2 place 5 2 place 5
Excellent/CQ/1 place 6 1 place 6
BOB or BOO 1 Best in Field 1
In addition + total number of participants in the breed in adult classes In addition + total number of participants in the breed (at the start)